Multi Gemstone Contemporary Bangle


Diamond round 2mm, tanzanite baguette, citrine princess, red topaz round, green topaz round, rose cut rose quartz, set in 14k gold and sterling silver.

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The Limatus Multi Gemstone Contemporary Bangle.

Be obsessed. It’s ok. Certainly, we are.

A modern and cool take on the bangle. Without a doubt, you’ll turn heads with this arm party. Like disco lights on a festive night, dazzling gemstones will light up your wrist.

Rose quartz, tanzanite, citrine, red topaz, green topaz, and a sparkly diamond, waltzing in a hammered ring of sterling silver, and artfully set in 14k gold.

They say dance like no one’s watching. However, wear jewelry like everyone’s watching.  Take it for a twirl. And after that, bring your tango partner with you. The dance floor is all yours.


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