Limatus Multi Gemstone Contemporary Collar Bar

Gemstone Collar Bar


Diamond rounds 1.6mm, tanzanite baguettes, citrine princesses, red topaz round, rose cut rose quartz round, set in 14k gold and sterling silver.

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The Limatus Multi Gemstone Collar Bar.

Hi. My eyes are up here.

A collared shirt is nothing without this take of the  collar bar. Although, you could argue that, paired with a tailored shirt, no jacket is necessary. Keep the cool going. Add a pair of boots. Pick a heel height. Any height will do.

Cool and contempo doesn’t stop there. Not with tanzanite, citrine, red topaz,, rose cut rose quartz, and diamonds all demanding their time. And naturally, set in 14k gold and sterling silver.

Rock the shirt, rock the boots. And definitely, without a doubt, rock the Gemstone Collar Bar.



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