Rio Lobo Jewelry Collection

Duero Necklace
Waterfall Layers of Pearls and Amethyst.

Rio Lobo Jewelry Collection.

Layered fringes of dripping pearls and gemstones dangle from handforged sterling silver and 14k gold fill.

This lively collection is inspired by my late father’s name of Guadalupe. My research discovered that Guadalupe is actually a river in Spain. Because of that water element, my imagination immediately swam  with ideas. And yes, pun intended.

As a result, all the pieces in this lively collection are named for the many rivers found in Spain and on the Iberian Peninsula. Each piece evokes the imagery of moving water. Delicate streams, babbling brooks, and immense waterfalls are captured in this breathtaking and poignant collection.

Submerge your soul.  Shower yourself in dripping pearls and sparkling amethyst gemstones. The perfect accessory for pearl lovers.

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