Metalismo Collection

Nadia Cuff
Metal magic in hoops, rings and cuffs.

Metalismo Collection.

Can’t decide on color stones? We’ve got you covered. Make metal your friend. Just gleaming metals in smooth and textured styles.

Yellow, pink, and bright white – choose from 18k gold, 14k gold fill, and sterling silver. Hoops, rings, cuffs, and more.

Now all you have to do? Easy answer. Just pick a fave.

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  • Forte Contemporary Unisex Cuff Link

    Forte Unisex Cuff Links

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  • Brillare Contemporary Diamond Earrings Stella

    Brillare Duster Diamond Earrings

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  • Corsa Contemporary Necklace

    Corsa Contemporary Necklace

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  • Chiave Contemporary Earrings

    Chiave Contemporary Earrings

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  • Ponte Due Silver Double Ring

    Ponte Due Double Ring

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