Helping Hands Pendant Charity Collections


Introducing the Helping Hands Pendant Charity Collections

A meaningful, charity  jewelry collection designed to help feed needy families and hungry zoo animals.

Helping Hands Pendant Collections


Let’s face it.

Covid-19 is the worst thing to happen to our society in our lifetime.

As a result, businesses are closed or will be cautious in reopening. Thousands of people are out of work. Unemployment benefits only go so far, and some self-employed may not qualify, like artists.

Sadly, the lines at Food Banks across our country continue to grow.

In short, the struggle is real.

YOU CAN HELP!  We’ve designed the Helping Hand Pendants,  exclusive and original pieces of joyarte jewelry to raise funds locally for the San Antonio Food Bank and the San Antonio Zoo.

First off, 30% of your Helping Hand Pendants purchase will be donated and secondly, every $1 donated buys 7 meals, and helps maintain the zoo animals and their habitats.

In addition, the Helping Hand Pendants are hand crafted in Sterling .925 Silver, or rich golden Bronze, and each is available in two sizes.

Purchase as a pendant alone to hang where and how you like. Or choose a  finished bracelet or necklace design with chain, leather cord, or beaded options.

All Helping Hands Pendants and jewelry are made-to-order, so please allow 7-10 business days for delivery. And because all joyarte jewelry is crafted here in San Antonio,  your purchase also helps local small business.