Estate Resale Jewelry

Estate Resale Jewelry finds new life at joyarte. Many of our clients who come to us with custom jewelry projects bring old jewelry that they have sentimental attachment and no longer wear.  And sometimes these pieces are simply too beautiful to melt down.

By listing them for sale in our Estate collection, we can offer an alternative for these jewelry orphans by finding a buyer who will love them once again.

In this collection, you’ll find unique pieces as well as sought after designer finds that are no longer available or are “retired” from their collections, such as Tiffany and James Avery.

We inspect every piece of this Estate Resale Jewelry collection for authenticity, we check the stones for quality,  we tighten the settings for security, and finally, we give them a ready-to-wear cleaning and polish.

And remember, if you see something you like,  or having been looking for, don’t hesitate to grab it, because once it’s sold, it’s gone.

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