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Natalia Fedner and joyarte’s Surprise Appearance on Project Runway’s “Under the Gunn” 

Excitement is rampant here at joyarte! We recently spotted a signature joyarte necklace sported by an outstanding designer on a major cable network show. Some of you may have already seen our posts on social media. Here’s the back story and how the events played out.

Because she had been so busy with the joyarte PopUp in downtown San Antonio during January and February, Priscilla had started recording the new Lifetime spinoff of Project Runway that features Tim Gunn, called (what else?) “Under the Gunn.” For those of you who don’t follow Lifetime’s fashion shows, the format is similar to “The Voice,” where mentors build teams of up and coming designers. 

Priscilla was excited, not just because she gets inspiration from these shows, but also because Nick Varreos, brother of Priscilla’s friend Rita Varreos, had been tapped as one of the mentors, along with two other fashion stars who emerged out of Project Runway.

While watching the Unusual Vampire episode that had originally aired Feb 6, something about the necklace on one of the contestants, Natalia Fedner, caught Priscilla’s eye. She recognized those curves in the necklace. Could that be?!?

She rewound, paused. Rewound, paused, but just couldn’t get a good view, so off she went to the internet to see if she could find better shots. Sure enough. There was her necklace, the joyarte Nadia Oak being warn by Natalia Fedner, a team member of Nick Varreos. Wow!

With a little trepidation, Priscilla wrote to Natalia and explained that she, Priscilla, was the designer of the necklace Natalia had worn on that episode.

“I especially connected with your story of being on a different career path and then taking a chance on pursuing your passion for fashion–it speaks to many of us in the fashion industry who also have a day job as we start out” wrote Priscilla in her email.

Thrill of thrills, Natalia responded almost right away! Here is the sweet story she related in her email reply:

Natalia Fedner’s Instagram post of her new, complete set of joyarte Nadia Oak necklace and earrings

“I’m so happy you reached out to me! I absolutely love my necklace! It’s very special to me because my mother wanted to give me a nice necklace for my 30th birthday–but she kept leaning toward traditional things. I told her I would know it when I found the right necklace.

“I was in Seattle a year ago for business and walked into a clothing and jewelry boutique downtown on First Avenue [ed: The Finerie]….I looked through the jewelry, and that’s where I found your beautiful unique necklace–and knew I had found the right one!”

After a couple of email exchanges, we finished up the matching Nadia Oak earrings to send to Natalia. She too was thrilled and posted to social media! We look forward to working with this new high profile fan of our work.

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