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Stella Collection

Brillare Necklace and Corsa Earrings
Delicate and distinct

Stella Diamond Fine Jewelry Collection.

This delicate jewelry collection features sprinklings of diamonds and rich, high karat gold.

They are named for the constellations that guided my ancestors while navigating new horizons.

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Limatus Jewelry Collection

Limatus Gemstone Ring
Step outside the box.

Limatus Jewelry Collection.

Modern. Distinct. Unmistakable. Break the box. It’s you.

Day to night. Business or Classic style for that special occasion and that confident office look.

Let’s tag it SOCO. #soco #specialoccasion #confidentoffice #daytonight #breakthebox #itsalewk

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Feroce Collection

Bold, edgy, fierce.

Feroce Collection.

Adorn your fierce inner and outer self.

The Feroce Collection features an edgy yet graceful combination of rough, uncut diamonds with flowing metal in blackened sterling silver and the gleam of high karat gold.

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Prima Collection

Find your new favorites from Our Humble Beginnings

Prima Jewelry Collection.

Where our humble beginnings were launched.

Updated and refined, this vintage joyarte collection is loaded with juicy gemstones and continues to withstand the test of time.

Find some old friends, and your new favorites here.

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Encanto Collection

Nadia Bouvardia Necklace $ Earrings
Celebrating music and dance.

Encanto Jewelry Collection.

This lyrical collection features hand crafted silhouettes crafted in 14k gold fill and sterling silver adorned with semi-precious stones.

With music and dance as part of my background, I tapped into lines and the movements that capture these elements.

Each piece brings a feeling of dance, song, and grace.

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Rio Lobo Collection

Duero Necklace and Adra Hoops
Sultry water inspirations.

Rio Lobo Jewelry Collection.

Layered fringes of dripping pearls and gemstones hang from handforged sterling silver and 14k gold fill.

All the pieces in this lively collection are named for the many rivers found in Spain and on the Iberian Peninsula.

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Tezoro Collection

Tezoro Clustered Pendants
Explore this treasure trove.

Tezoro Clustered Jewelry Collection.

Freshwater pearls and brightly colored gemstones are lushly layered to create these extraordinary pieces. They are studded with Mother Nature’s rich bounty of treasures, and feature an opulent clustering of stones, metals and sparkles.

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Metalismo Collection

Nadia Cuff
All About the Metals

Metalismo Collection.

Can’t decide on color stones? We’ve got you covered. Make metal your friend. Just gleaming metals in smooth and textured styles.

Yellow, pink, and bright white – choose from 18k gold, 14k gold fill, and sterling silver. Hoops, rings, cuffs, and more.

Now all you have to do? Easy answer. Just pick a favorite.

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Last Chance

Alcina Earrings and Daina Necklace
Going, Going……Amost Gone!

Last chance to save big in this virtual trunk sale on these last few pieces from previous collections.

But hurry! No one wants to experience FOMO.

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Helping Hands Collection

Helping Hands Silver Trio
Helping Hands Silver Trio

Helping Hands Pendant Charity Collection.

A meaningful, charity  jewelry collection designed to help feed needy families and hungry zoo animals.

Let’s face it. Covid-19 is the worst thing to happen to our society in our lifetime.


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